Omani Destiny Books 4 & 5! Published and Available!

You have been patient.  So very, very patient! THANK YOU.  Perhaps you’ve lost hope that you’ll ever see the next books of the Omani Destiny Series.  I BEG your forgiveness and indulgence for the long wait.  I wanted these final 2 books to be better than ever!  And in the midst of a very crazy year involving major moves, graduations, illnesses, family deaths, engagements, and just about any other life event you might throw at us… I’m so glad to say…

At long last…

Just in time for some steamy summer reading…

The final two books in the Omani Destiny series have made it to Amazon!

Look for them today!

CLICK HERE FOR BOOK 4                                            CLICK HERE FOR BOOK 5

If you were patently waiting, I just have to say I am very grateful.  So grateful that I want to give you a gift (see below).  I also encourage you now to experience all 5 of the books as your summer read!  (Why not start at the beginning)?


I know it’s been a while since you read that last book… Book 3, The Sultan’s SuccessorLet me refresh your memory: The story closed with the mystery of Deidre:

“I saw Ken there this morning at the hospital,” he said.

“Ken?  He’s got some nerve showing up…” Krysie began.

“He was very worried.  But listen to this.  He told me it was not his child.”

“What?  Well of course he’d say that,” Krysie responded angrily.

“I don’t think he was lying.  Why would he show up, and then even want to face me, and then lie to me?”  Krysie frowned now, and Michael continued.   “He said that she was acting strangely ever since her return from Europe, and that they had not had relations for several weeks after her return, she kept picking fights.  But about 2 weeks before she mentioned she was pregnant, she insisted on sleeping with him, according to him.  This is how he said he was so sure the baby was not his.  Even more interesting, is that he told me he had tried to convince her not to have an abortion.  But he said he had no idea whose it could be.”

Krysie shook her head.  Why indeed, would the boy even bother to spin such a yarn, especially when it tied in exactly with what they’d observed about her since her return from Europe.  She’d been moody, on edge, and unhappy.

“So, she probably got pregnant in Europe?”  Krysie said, and Michael nodded.  “Come to think of it, she did say a few things I found strange. With all she told me, I found myself wondering if she was talking about Ken.”

“But who?” Michael asked.  “Who does she know in Paris?  Certainly not a fling with a stranger?”

 Krysie mused.  Not like Deidre, she agreed, but then again, Krysie knew anything was possible, as it had been with her.  Anything was possible…

Suddenly, Krysie’s heart seemed to stop for an eternity.  Paris.  Who did they know, who did Deidre know, who perhaps did not actually live in those cities, but spent time there?  Hamir’s strange questioning of Deidre’s welfare, his surprise she was in Paris, rang in her ears.  Her hand flew to her mouth, but she couldn’t even say it.  She quickly composed herself, and began to leave the room.

“Well, maybe in some ways Deidre did do the best thing,” Krysie murmured, as Michael looked at her with disbelief.  “It’s probably best we never do know the whole story, and it really doesn’t matter, she can get on with her life now.”

What really happened to Deidre?  How had she found herself in this predicament?  Did she do the best thing?  Does she get on with her life, and how?

Book 4 gives the detailed back story (and parallel story) of Deidre.  Yet another curious woman in this family confronts, and seems to find, what her Grandmother Teri and Mother Krysie could never quite reconcile in their lives.  Will it make her happy?  It’s never easy to go beyond conventions, beyond what everyone tells you is “the norm.”  But what happens you dare to follow your heart?

Book 5, The Sultan’s Sunset,  the final installment in the Omani Destiny series, follows Deidre’s life even further as she explores the intriguing world of dominance and submission.

A GIFTImage result for a gift for you

To reward the most dedicated of my readers, I will be setting up an Amazon give-away for a FREE copy of Book 4, Omani Destiny: The Sultan’s SecretsStarting May 1, the first 5 respondents will get a FREE copy Book 4!!  All I ask is that you comment with a sentence or two about what you like about this book/series 1) here on this blog, and 2) on the Amazon customer review section at Omani Destiny: The Sultan’s Successor Book 3.

Oh, and one more favor!!! Please share my book with your friends!  Yes, because of my low price point, you can lend any of the Omani Destiny books to a friend for 14 days, through the Kindle Lending Library.  Of course if anyone wants to support a starving writer, feel free to shell out the very affordable price to own copies, or to gift copies, because you know you want to read it again!

Stay tuned here for another way to rock your friends’ lives with a free copy of Book 1!!!




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