The Omani Series… coming to a Kindle near you!

Omani (2)Dear Omani Readers,

The summer has gotten away from me with some major life events to attend to, and preparing a book for e-publishing is a big task. Please know I greatly appreciate you following me, and that I will soon announce the Kindle publication of the 3 sequels to Omani Destiny: The Sultan’s Seduction very soon!

Which means I will delete this free book soon… I will make it available for purchase.

Since I began posting chapters of my first book on my blog in I’ve had a bit over 5,000 views. This does not mean 5,000 actual people. On my best day, there were a little over 100 visitors; I have 37 followers. Part of my reason to offer my writing for free was to “test” my market. Would I have enough people willing to purchase my work? Will it be worth the effort and cost to e-publish?

I am also considering my editing process, and this is where your input would be so helpful to me. Did you find many errors (spelling, grammar, syntax)? Did things not seem to flow or follow logic? Was there anything that disturbed you in terms of the quality of writing? The best advice out there is to employ an editor to review one’s work; I’ve edited my manuscripts multiple times over the years, and have had a friend give me input. I feel it is pretty tight, but that’s not good enough for readers. I still find small errors. I don’t want to insult readers with petty mistakes, which clearly is a major turn-off.

Thanks again for your patience. I will more frequently announce on this blog the progress towards publishing and may possibly give some excerpts! Don’t give up on me!

In the meantime, you may wish to work your way over to my “nonfiction” blog: Desiring Discipline where sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. I have a great number of followers over there (150) and an average 4,000-5,000 views a week (1,500-1,900 visitors), and have had comments of people who enjoy my writing style. While not a “novel” you might find it interesting in the interim if you enjoy my writing style. “The Past” and “Fantasies and Stories” categories have some juicy tales.


4 thoughts on “The Omani Series… coming to a Kindle near you!

  1. Reblogged this on Desiring Discipline and commented:

    If you are new to my blog, you may not know that I’m working on publishing a series of books. I’ve sent up a trial balloon of the first of the series on the OmaniDestiny blog. Hop on over there to give me your thoughts and input! Should I move on to e-publishing this work, and the sequels (already written and being edited/revised)?

  2. Fantastic. I loved it, DD! 🙂 I did skip some of the sexy scenes for reasons that you understand, but the story was wonderful! I did see a few typos, but I wasn’t sure that you had updated this blog version as you have been prepping the manuscript, so you may have found them all by now. I can try to document them for you, if you would like. I am truly impressed with your writing and the obviously large amount of research you did for this book. I can’t wait for the second book in the series!

    • Thanks– I’m so glad you liked it. You’re strong to be able to skip the scenes! if you have the time and the energy to point things out to me, I appreciate it. But, yes, I’ve probably been back over that manuscript 2-3 times since posting trying to week out mistakes. I know I just need to hire an editor, but that’s a major step (and expense!). I really need to motivate myself to e-publish; thinking that at this point offering book 1 for free. Just need to go back now and revise 2 and 3, and get them out there!

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