Update on Sequels…

My dearest, loyal readers:

I just wanted to update you, and to reassure you I have not fallen off the face of the earth! The task of re-formatting and editing nearly 500 pages of text to get it into the format required for Kindle has been major. Plus the fact that I am flying in the face of all recommendations, and have decided to self-edit, and not hire a professional editor. I just may be too arrogant. I have had others read my manuscripts and have had feedback; and I still find small, minor typos or mistakes. I am a perfectionist, and I do not want to put out anything substandard, even if it’s free or “only” $2.99.

So I thank you for your patience. My goal is to have this process done by the end of January or sooner; which will put this story (the first in a series of 5), Omani Destiny: the Sultan’s Seduction onto Kindle, and its sequel, Omani Destiny: The Sultan’s Son (working title… still unsure). After that, there are 2 more completed manuscripts that “only” need the reformatting process.

I also have a confession to make: I love writing more than anything else in the writing process. I hate editing and revising, because I do it incessantly and never seem to be able to be happy.  When an idea grips me, I have this compelling need to start writing again. This happened in the fall, when I had yet more ideas in this story line. Story 5 gets more BDSM as my own tastes and knowledge of this area grows. It has been exciting to put new stories on paper again… hopefully there will be a 5th book in this series.

I will be trying to put up a few chapter’s teaser on the 2nd book soon. Thanks for sticking by me, and if possible, let me know you’re still interested by commenting!  I also believe I’ll be starting a Facebook fan page for the book once I’m on Kindle, but hope I can rely on all of you who have had this free copy to spread the word.