Update on Sequels…

My dearest, loyal readers:

I just wanted to update you, and to reassure you I have not fallen off the face of the earth! The task of re-formatting and editing nearly 500 pages of text to get it into the format required for Kindle has been major. Plus the fact that I am flying in the face of all recommendations, and have decided to self-edit, and not hire a professional editor. I just may be too arrogant. I have had others read my manuscripts and have had feedback; and I still find small, minor typos or mistakes. I am a perfectionist, and I do not want to put out anything substandard, even if it’s free or “only” $2.99.

So I thank you for your patience. My goal is to have this process done by the end of January or sooner; which will put this story (the first in a series of 5), Omani Destiny: the Sultan’s Seduction onto Kindle, and its sequel, Omani Destiny: The Sultan’s Son (working title… still unsure). After that, there are 2 more completed manuscripts that “only” need the reformatting process.

I also have a confession to make: I love writing more than anything else in the writing process. I hate editing and revising, because I do it incessantly and never seem to be able to be happy.  When an idea grips me, I have this compelling need to start writing again. This happened in the fall, when I had yet more ideas in this story line. Story 5 gets more BDSM as my own tastes and knowledge of this area grows. It has been exciting to put new stories on paper again… hopefully there will be a 5th book in this series.

I will be trying to put up a few chapter’s teaser on the 2nd book soon. Thanks for sticking by me, and if possible, let me know you’re still interested by commenting!  I also believe I’ll be starting a Facebook fan page for the book once I’m on Kindle, but hope I can rely on all of you who have had this free copy to spread the word.


7 thoughts on “Update on Sequels…

  1. Oh yes! Absolutely still interested and waiting (maybe not so) patiently for you to complete the next of the series. As an editor I know how obsessed you can become when correcting your own copy. Be kind to yourself … your readers will wait. But, hurry! 😀

    • Bless you for asking! I’m trying very hard to get them out on Kindle. Your comment is giving me motivation to GET THIS DONE!!! (I can never seem to finish editing, and just give birth to my stories… and yes, they are ALL completed). Do you use Kindle?

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