Book 2 is Available!

March 4, 2016 Update:

I’m excited to inform you that Book 2 of the Omani Destiny Series has hit the Kindle book shelf:

As you can see, Omani Destiny: The Sultan’s Passions has a similar cover scheme as Book 1; however in the set-up process, my eyes missed the nuance in colors… I plan to keep the black background cover the same for every book, so I have gone back to Kindle Publishing and adjusted that; it usually takes about 12 hours for changes to show.  If the color cover consistency issue matters to you 🙂 you can wait until tomorrow to download the book 2!  Otherwise, it’s ready to read NOW!  I’ve kept my price low, an affordable $2.99 (less than that last Starbucks you bought?) as a way to thank my first loyal readers.

A quick apology to my initial purchasers: there were some typos right up front in book 1, and for that I am mortified and sincerely sorry.  I want to give my readers a polished and professional writing experience!  It is not the way I normally roll, and I was perplexed that these had been overlooked in my dozens upon dozens of editing re-reads. I fixed those first chapters’ typos immediately, and re-uploaded the revised copy to Kindle Direct Publishing.  I’d been given the impression KDP would allow people who already purchased to update their copies.  I’m told they are “working on this.”  I will keep you posted, but you may want to go into your Kindle Account: “Manage Your Content and Devices” click “Settings” along the top bar; and set “Automatic Book Update” to “On.”

Any remaining typos are being corrected; I’m 80% through my Kindle copy and I have found only a couple more small issues.  I have several other friends doing the same for me  (love ya L. and T.!!).  Once all edits are completed, I will upload the revised copy once more. I will also continue to work with KDP to allow customers who already bought the book to download updates automatically.  I’m told “our technical team is working on improving this process.”

(I sincerely hope that the quality of the story itself will grant me some forgiveness from these initial technical issues!)

Thanks for reading! So excited to roll out to you the subsequent books in the series!

(Oh, and I am very grateful if you will rate my book… the opportunity is presented to you at the end of the last page on your Kindle, or on’s site.  I need your reviews!)


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