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(Please note that that as of 2/27/16 all sample chapters above have been removed except for 1 and 2.  Thanks for all who have read here to date… I know you’ll be anxious to re-read the updated version and the next 4 books of this series).

This book is now available on Kindle! You don’t have to have a Kindle either!  Kindle apps make it possible to books on smart phones, tablets, androids and PCs.

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The Omani Destiny Series

Omani Destiny is a historical romance of epic proportions.  The five-book series weaves an exotic and erotic tale of foreign intrigue and strong sensual passions over a 50-year period.  Its characters move through a world of intrigue and secret obsessions in settings like the Sultanate of Oman, Paris, Greece, and Washington, D.C. The main characters provide a picture of deep inner struggles with good and evil, passion and self-control, pain and pleasure.  Rich with the languages, people, cultures, landscape and customs of all these locations, this riveting series will pull you in and transport you to new worlds.

Omani Destiny: The Sultan’s Seduction, Book 1

As a young professional woman of 23, Theresa Brown is already weary of boring suitors and her predictable Washington desk job at the State Department in the 1960s.  Her dream of travel to far-away and exotic places takes on storybook proportions when a chance meeting with an obscure Middle-Eastern dignitary catapults her into a whirlwind of political and strategic machinations that would forever alter her life, and generations to come.  The US Government brokers a secret, ignoble deal to allow the United States access to one of the most strategic geographical locations in the world, the mouth of the Persian Gulf.  A saga of fierce obsession and addictive proportions ensues between the Prince and Theresa. Theresa struggles to fully submit to his hypnotic passions and will, yet finds Hamir’s dominance and forceful ways compelling as she battles to understand the conflicting and seductive emotions of a world of pain and pleasure, independence and submission.  Diplomatic immunity is meaningless when it comes to Hamir’s obsessive desires and darkest manipulations to keep Theresa Brown in his life.


Theresa Brown faces the timeless issues and choices of women in the latter part of the 20th century:  the lure of becoming a sexually liberated career woman seduced by forbidden romance, passion and sexual experimentation; or, accepting socially acceptable roles as wife and mother in a safe and predictable life, while hungering to rekindle identity and passion.

Note: This is a work of fiction.  Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, or circumstances, is purely coincidental.


14 thoughts on “About

  1. Don’t do Facebook to “Like”. but I am encouraging you to keep writing. I have a book in my head that I have wanted to write for years, and then make into a movie but I never have time nor am I an accomplished writer. I write like I talk. Not good reading.
    I wrote you a while back, I guess you did not want to communicate, its ok, I still read your blog, it helps me to some degree.
    I love the book so far. I wonder how far it will go

    • Sorry that I missed a previous comment from you! Totally unintentional. I’m so low-tech and I don’t always push the correct buttons. But thank you for reading and commenting and following here. It helps me gauge what sort of readership my book might have. Trust me, this gets better and quite hot.

  2. i don’t see where it says follow but I really am enjoying this. I’ve only read 2 chapters today but intend to read them all. You are an amazing writer.

    • Hi Daria–

      This is book one. The saga continues in book two. The next 4 books are written and I just “need” to e-publish! I will give info on that shortly, how to download, etc. I’m so happy you enjoyed book one of Omani Destiny… it just gets more amazing, IMHO!

      This blog book is going to be taken down soon, so hope you’ve spread the word!

      Thanks for being a fan!

  3. Hi … I’m wondering if I’m missing something? Still waiting for the next books. Are you still working on the publishing or are they somewhere I’ve missed? I’m anxious for the rest of the story 😀

    • Life has taken over, and editing has always been a dreaded task for me! Thanks for asking. I’m hoping a break over the holidays will give me time to push through the editing work on book 2 and get it on Kindle. Thanks for the tickler and following (not to mention patience!).

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