Omani Destiny: Your new favorite vacation read!

Spring and summer breaks are tauntingly close.  Maybe you’re dreaming of that wonderful vacation, or perhaps it will merely be in your backyard or curled up in your favorite chair. Later nights to not be able to put that book down!  You need some seriously entertaining reading!

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The Omani Destiny Series: Omani Destiny is a historical romance of epic proportions. The five-book series weaves an exotic and erotic tale of foreign intrigue and strong sensual passions over a 50-year period. Its characters move through a world of intrigue and secret obsessions in settings like the Sultanate of Oman, Paris, Greece, and Washington, D.C. The main characters provide a picture of deep inner struggles with good and evil, passion and self-control, pain and pleasure. Rich with the languages, people, cultures, landscape and customs of all these locations, this riveting series will pull you in and transport you to new worlds. This is the must-have vacation read of 2016!
The first two books of the series have hit the Kindle shelves and are ready for upload to your electronic device:  Kindle device, PC, Android (phone + tablet) or iOS (iphone + ipad). Book 3 will be available any day now, and Books 4 and 5 will be downloadable by no later than May 2016.
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April 4, 2016 Update:

Book 3, Omani Destiny: The Sultan’s Successor, will be ready to download to Kindle on April 5.

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A little about me, the author: 

Yes, in a way, I am cashing in on an unprecedented success to tell you about this book.  I call Omani Destiny, “Fifty Shades with a brain.”  I liked Fifty Shades for what it represented: a break-through in the BDMS and  D/s world.  I feel it emancipated countless women and couples to realize pent-up sexual fantasies and opened doors into new relational dynamics which perhaps saved relationships.  It was an enjoyable read for some, “brain candy” for others, and a voyeuristic glimpse into a lifestyle about which many of us were curious.  It was erotic, and has jump-started many a flailing love life.  And it emboldened me to finish my own story.

Omani Destiny, which was started in the 1980s, long before Fifty Shades, tells a story that is compelling and attracts the reader who not only enjoys erotic scenes but serious suspense, history, and intrigue.  The characters evolve (individually and generationally), and have compelling stories.  The places are real and known from first-hand experiences and extensive research; the plots have some strong shades of reality taken from a “career woman” with a global background.  Characters, although fictional, seem believable.  My story series is a slower and more gradual approach to the whole BDSM and D/s awareness “thing,” similar to my own journey.  All sparked from seeing a coffee table book on Oman at a colleagues’ home.  🙂

If you are expecting full-bore explicit BDSM, D/s, or Kinky scenes from the first chapter, you may feel this isn’t your book; however if you are interested in the genesis and development of human proclivities towards “The Lifestyle,” you will be riveted.  Initially the characters are in a bit of denial about their “proclivities,” and experimenting (Books 1-2), albeit in very sexy ways.  They spend a time struggling with it (Books 3-4), trying to talk themselves into “normal,” but are keenly aware something is missing.  Eventually (Book 5) they start to embrace it and make it a way of life.  To my mind, it fits the eras in which it is written; women of the 60s-70s would have struggled greatly with BDSM desires in the face of women’s lib (and no internet to research this); 80s-90s would be getting more emancipated and liberated sexually, but still with some doubts; 2000s on, we find wider-spread acceptance and willingness to embrace a D/s lifestyle, unafraid of female surrender and submission.

Omani Destiny is a strange blend of erotica, historical fiction, romance, saga, suspense, self-realization, redemption, and sexual experimentation and psychology, which makes it hard to categorize it into just one genre.   I feel my story has a gripping plot that will keep people turning pages as they read rather than skipping ahead to find “the good parts.” Maybe nodding your head and thinking, “Yes!  I GET IT.”  Perhaps, “I couldn’t put it down…”  LOL, I could even see some vanilla types wanting to skip the erotic portions so as to read “the story!”  Like, “Uhm, is this how the CIA really works?” (If I told you, I’d have to kill you! 😉 )

I hope you will make Omani Destiny your new favorite read, and spread the word! I am a poor, aspiring author with no major marketing campaign other than word of mouth and the good will of friends.  Will you help?

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